The LoveHR Process

Have Questions?

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We walk in your shoes

At Love HR, we add value by finding out where you are going, and then partnering with you to help you get there. You may need an extra pair of hands, advice, a simple fix or a comprehensive program, and in all cases, we start by finding out more about you and your business. We ask questions to help us understand your business, so we can deliver the services and solutions that you will be happy with.

Road Map

After gathering information, we prepare a road map for the project for you to review and approve. Once approved, it is our guide for going forward and we don’t make changes without your involvement.


We will stay in touch with you during the entire process and offer you plenty of opportunities to comment, critique and question, so that when we get to the end, you are happy with the destination, and how we got there.


Additionally, if you want to build your in-house capacity, we will transfer our knowledge and skills through training and documentation that outlines the specific actions taken throughout the project. If you simply want the problem to go away, we can do that too and you can rest assured that your people are in good hands. In fact, you’ll see it in the results.

Although the actual steps may differ depending upon your requirements, you can rely on:

  • Quality service and solutions that are grounded in business theory and work in the real world,
  • Quick responses and regular communication,
  • Integrity, and
  • A sense of humour and fun. Because HR isn’t brain surgery after all.

Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about what LoveHR can do for your business.