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HR = Human Resources

“What is Human Resources” is a question we get a lot!

Wikipedia describes HR as “the term used to describe how people are managed by organizations”.

According to that definition, any and all activities involving an employee can fall under the HR function. In reality, each business is structured and operated differently, and as such, there are an infinite number of variations in what HR departments do for businesses.

At LoveHR, we say Human Resources or HR is all about making the business successful through its people.  To do that, we group human resources activities within five major categories:

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Hiring People
  3. Growing People
  4. Rewarding People
  5. Managing People

These five categories include a laundry list of HR activities such as:

  • hiring,
  • orienting,
  • analyzing and evaluating jobs,
  • compensating and recognizing,
  • coaching and providing confidential advice,
  • evaluating performance,
  • creating and implementing guidelines,
  • training and developing,
  • handling conflict,
  • disciplining, and
  • supporting the end of the employment relationship.

And while doing these activities, HR also ensures compliance with employment laws; contractual promises to employees are met; the environment is healthy and safe; employee information is managed; employee issues are handled confidentially, discreetly and fairly; and most importantly, that all of these activities are handled strategically to save the business time and money and encourage a great culture and high performing teams.

If this sounds like a big job, it can be.  But as the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu pointed out, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. LoveHR can help your business start that journey with practical solutions and cost effective services that make a difference to your people.

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