The Big Picture

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The Big Picture involves HR activities at a strategic level and includes:

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Organizational Development,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and
  • Downsizing and Divestitures.

Strategic Planning

Often small and medium sized businesses don’t need an HR strategist on staff, but would benefit from the assistance of an experienced, senior HR practitioner from time to time. Hiring Love HR ensures an experienced HR expert at the table when developing a people plan that complements your overall business objectives, and they will also work with you and your team to build a solid implementation plan that can be managed in-house throughout the year.

Organizational Development

Major changes in an organization whether due to growth, acquisition, downsizing, divestiture, or simply a need to do things differently imply a major increase in workload. Hiring LoveHR to help cope with that additional workload increases the likelihood of a successful change. LoveHR has participated in major corporate change initiatives and is able to assist with the details as well as the stuff at 30,000 feet. LoveHR recognizes the importance of corporate culture and communication in organizational change activities and brings numerous change management tools to the table to drive a smooth process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The problem with mergers and acquisitions is that anywhere from 60-80% fail. According to studies by Harvard and the AMA, major reasons for M&A failure are differences in cultures and people issues. If you are planning a merger or acquisition, it pays to consider these factors carefully, do your homework, and have a plan for how to manage the change. LoveHR has experience harmonizing cultures, mediating issues, and building bridges.

Downsizing & Divestitures

Fired. Terminated. Downsized. Rightsized. Let go. Pink slipped. Given walking papers. Sold! No matter what the reason, helping employees to exit your business can be challenging. Navigating between the person or people affected, the law, your customers, “surviving employees”, and potentially even the media means you must do it right or risk backlash and possibly even a date in court. Back when the Internet bubble burst and employers were escorting their employees out of the building with only the shirts on their backs, Shawnee Love was advocating a different way. We help you balance interests and support your efforts to act fairly and treat the exiting employee with respect and dignity. Our method has been proven effective and although terminations are not something your average HR consultancy talks about, LoveHR is proud of its record helping ex-employees successfully move on to new opportunities.

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