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Opportunity is a key reason for employees to stay

Training & Development

Reduce turnover and increase employee motivation with training and development. Often when business owners think about training, they think about MBAs and certifications, but expensive external education programs are not the only ways to grow your employees and often they aren’t even the most effective way. Internal development derived from delegation, secondment to a challenging project or position, or mentoring with an in-house expert can have greater and longer lasting benefits and does not have to cost much beyond time and effort. LoveHR would be happy to help you brainstorm on economical and effective ways to grow your employees that work for your business.

Succession Planning & Career Progression

The opportunity to progress up the career ladder within a company is a significant benefit to the majority of employees, and having good bench strength is critical for business success in the long run. The ability to promote from within is created by planning ahead and LoveHR can help with a simple yet effective tool to identify critical positions and the individuals with potential for development. LoveHR will also assist you with a development program to groom your employees to meet your future needs as well as your needs today.

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