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Whenever you consider asking people to join your organization whether temporarily or permanently, you want to get the right person for the job. At LoveHR, we help you find candidates for your role and assist you through your recruiting and selection process. Our philosophy is to hire people who we’d want to have in the desk next to us, and we incorporate the philosophy into every recruiting assignment. Being very experienced with the recruiting and selection process, we can source and screen candidates quickly, saving your time and enabling you to get involved with those shortlisted candidates who meet your needs.


When starting a new job, most people experience the contradictory emotions of excitement and fear. LoveHR knows what new hires need and want to know to successfully start with your company. We build an orientation program and manual that fit your business and will either train someone from your team to orient new hires in house, or parachute in for the day to conduct the orientation ourselves. You will have to do the job training, but the new hires will be ready to learn because they will know what to expect and how to be successful.

Let LoveHR make hiring easy for you.  Contact us to find out how.