Managing People

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The building blocks and supporting cast to employee performance

Performance Management

To perform well, employees need to have the capability, resources and motivation to achieve your expectations, and they need to know what your expectations are.

LoveHR partners with you to ensure these building blocks of employee performance are in place. We analyze jobs to understand what knowledge, skills and attributes employees must have to do the job, and we help you find or develop those people. We review your processes and job structure with an eye to reducing obstacles for success. We work with you to build a plan for increasing employee motivation. And we  provide coaching on setting and communicating expectations.

And in situations where these blocks are in place, yet you still have a challenging employee, we work with you on a performance improvement plan that corrects, deters and if necessary punishes. You benefit with a simple, consistent, clear method for ensuring your difficult employees are handled fairly and results in the performance levels your business needs for success.

Employee & Labour Relations

Even if you have no desire to be a “Best Employer”, LoveHR can help your company create an environment that attracts and retains great employees. LoveHR draws on diverse experience to coach, educate, and advise on productive responses to employment issues.

Policies & Procedures, Leaves and the Law

As a business owner, you have better things to do than worry about changes to the law and legal precedents. But the the parameters of employment in the provinces of Canada are defined and affected by the following types of legislation:

  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Human Rights
  • Employment Standards
  • Tax
  • Privacy
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Industrial and Labour Relations
  • Labour Code

With LoveHR on your team, we keep you updated on how the law affects you and your business and ensure that your policies, procedures and programs are in compliance with the law. And although we are not lawyers, we bring our years of experience to the table to advise and guide on how to minimize legal risk when making decisions that affect your employees. We are available for ad hoc questions about how to handle a particular situation, or we can provide you with specific policies or a complete employee handbook that meets legal requirements while setting expectations and educating your employees.

Employee Information Systems

Beyond simply holding, organizing and tracking historical employment information, a useful employee information system can compile and generate timely and accurate  metrics on demographics, recruitment and retention, attendance, costs, efficiency and productivity which you can use to manage your business. LoveHR can help you build your information architecture, source a provider or manage the development and implementation of an in-house solution.

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