Why LoveHR

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LoveHR solves people problems

At LoveHR, we believe the role of the HR function is to help businesses be successful through their people. Whether you need help or advice on solving a business problem, your in-house HR needs an extra pair of hands, your managers need to develop their management skills or you just want someone to bounce a few ideas off of, LoveHR will be there for you.

LoveHR’s services and solutions are:

  • Customized to fit your business.
  • Creative and practical in meeting your needs.
  • Cost effective.
  • Responsive and delivered efficiently.
  • Grounded in extensive experience and deep expertise.
  • Confidential.

When working with LoveHR, you:

  • Solve your people problems.
  • Save time. Our experience and expertise means we are quick.
  • Save money! More money for growing your business.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your people needs are in good hands.
  • Get Best Practices delivered to fit.
  • Receive expert HR advice.
  • Have additional resources, skills and knowledge on demand.
  • Pay only for what you want when you need it.

The BIG 3: Time, Money & Stress

As a business owner, increasing your time and money and reducing your stress may seem like impossible objectives. Having LoveHR on your team can bring you one step closer to achievement of these goals.

Double time!

LoveHR manages HR activities, tasks and functions much more quickly than someone who only does these tasks occasionally. The reason is because our consultants are experienced and competent in HR. Your time is valuable, so if we can do the same activity in less time, then we are saving your business money. And when we save your time, you can put it to building your business which makes good business sense!

Save money

We know that each time you have to replace someone who has left your organization, it will cost you. Not only do you have to find a new person (and pay for the associated costs of advertising, hiring and training someone new), but there are also the hidden costs like extra strain on your team in the interim and loss of knowledge, etc.

We also know that when employees are away due to illness or injury, it costs you money. Not only are there costs associated with WCB and benefits usage, but you might have to bring in a temp while still paying your employee, or you might have to allow productivity to slow down and try to make it up when the employee returns.

We know that unhappy employees don’t work as hard and don’t care as much as those who are happy.

The amazing thing that many people don’t realize is that you can instigate improvements to these situations through your people management practices and leadership skills. And through those improvements, you save your money, i.e., realize return on investment.

Peace of Mind

We take away headaches by solving your people problems, and we do it all with an eye to adding value to your business. When we are helping you attract and keep good people or increase employee morale and productivity, we are strategic in delivering our services. We aren’t just thinking about today, but also how to ensure what we do today helps you in the future.

We also are connected to an extensive network of professionals, so we can enable compliance with employment laws and deliver well rounded business advice without the cost of engaging each professional yourself. For example, our documents have been developed in consultation with lawyers so we ensure legal compliance without a pricey legal bill. We also work closely with benefits brokers who can bring you and your employees a plan that delivers the best value for money. And through our professional network, we can also access national people metrics so you can compare the results of your people practices with benchmarks across the country. Just another way Love HR adds value to your people decision making process.

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