Managing Sick & Injured Employees

Shawnee Love   •  
September 16, 2014

If you have an employee who has just advised you she can’t come to work for medical reasons, chances are you have a lot on your mind.

Managers often are balancing:

  • Need to get the work done another way.
  • Difficulty backfilling the employee because of the many unknowns (i.e., how long she will be gone, when she will return, if she will return gradually or full time, etc.).
  • Emotions such as frustration about not being able to rely on the employee, anger about feeling let down and possibly even suspicion that the employee isn’t as sick as she claims (it seems very easy to get a doctor to write a note sometimes).
  • Coworkers who speak about the lack of consequences for bad attendance or who want to know more about the situation.
  • Privacy of the individual who is sick or hurt.
  • Long range concerns about returning the employee to the same job and will she be able to cut it?

Here’s how we help.

We take the confusion and emotion out of this situation with a process which manages workers who are unable to work for medical reasons.  Using the process we build for you, we then follow up and follow through.  While we can’t guarantee we can get your employee back to work asap, our process will get you visibility for your operation not to mention clarity on next steps and in doing so build your confidence (and that of your employees) regarding your ability to effectively manage your absent employees.

If you would like this kind of help for your business, drop us a line (778-754-5683).