Gifts for your Staff part 1

Shawnee Love   •  
December 4, 2014

For the next 4 blogs, we are going to talk about 4 gifts you can and should give your staff not just during the holiday season but the whole year through.

Gift # 1 is Communication

Communication challenges are at the root of most of the problems we get called in to help with.  That is why we rate good communication as the most important gift you can give your employees. Easier said than done of course but here are a few communication rules to live by:

  1. Tell your staff what you are going to do, tell them while you are doing it, and then tell them what you have done.
  2. Be concise, clear, consistent and continual- the 4 C’s of company communication.
  3. Strive for as much face to face as possible- use email for follow up.
  4. Avoid email when relaying bad news or criticism for the first time.
  5. Listen more than you talk.
  6. Ensure your people understand your meaning and intent by asking for feedback.

Please come back next week for Gift #2.