The Key to Trust

Shawnee Love   •  
May 21, 2015

We have blogged about building trust and how important trust is to an organization in the past.  Having trust is critical, but building trust isn’t easy. It takes time and work.  In fact, when surveyed, many people describe trust as something to be earned, not bought or simply gifted (although some people trust easier and earlier than others).

For me, trust is like a Key because:Car key on white background. Vector illustration

  • Keys are different depending upon their purpose.  The type of key depends on the type and extent of use.
  • Most keys aren’t smooth and flat. They have grooves and bumps (some of which aren’t obvious at first blush).
  • Just when you think you have the key figured out, it has another aspect to it.
  • Other than when made for that purpose, finding two like keys is pretty rare.

I like the image of a Key because it reminds me that gaining someone’s Trust is not a logical, consistent or smooth process.

This imagery works for me.  How about you?