2+2 Cs of Culture Building Communication

Shawnee Love   •  
March 24, 2016

If I reflect on all the performance issues and conflicts I have encountered in my career, miscommunication was at the heart of the problem most of the time.

Back in 2011, I blogged that how well you communicate determines how well you will function as a team.

In my recent focus on organizational culture, I also recognize the importance of communication in creating your organizational culture.  Thankfully, the communication principles in building a high performing team work just as well when creating a high performing culture:

Clear, consistent, concise and continual communications are key.  Fall down in any one of those areas and your message will not be as well understood by your people.

Picture the opposite: a long winded, contradicting and confusing snarl of messages interspersed with vacuums of empty space where people are left to guess and worry.Snarl of yarn

The results of this type of communication are:

  • Lower productivity,
  • Conflict, and
  • Frustration.

Clearly none of these results lead to being considered a good place to work. Leaders who ensure their communications meet the needs of their employees dramatically increase the chances of building the kind of company they want.