Last Minute Holiday Party Ideas

Shawnee Love   •  
December 15, 2016

You can always have a wonderful holiday party in the workplace (best if you have a party planner and a budget for decorations and catering) but getting out of the office is a way to turn a boring old office gathering into the special holiday celebration you are aiming for.  If you don’t have a party planner and have to conjure up something fun for your team, here are some ideas beyond the typical restaurant gathering:

  • Bowling (add your own disco ball and tell everyone to wear white),
  • Skating (or Roller Skating),
  • Snowshoeing / Sledding (build your own bonfire an option),Two white Reindeer on a red background.
  • Horsedrawn Carriage Rides & Caroling (works best if the carriage can carry lots of people),
  • Crafty sessions like Painting or Pottery (paired with wine perhaps),
  • Cooking Classes (again wine pairings turn it into a party),
  • Wine, beer or spirits tasting (skip the food and takeaway art and cut to the beverages),
  • Dance Lesson followed by beverages and food from the country of origin,
  • Murder Mystery Party, or
  • Owner’s House Cocktail Party (clarify appropriate attire, but who wouldn’t want to go to the owner’s house)

In all of these, providing food and beverages that fit the ambiance and activity rounds out the fun.  Time and money can constrain my efforts here, so I make a point of asking the venue if they can help.  If they can’t, they may recommend someone who they work well with who can.

I know it is pretty last minute to get one of these organized before Christmas, but who says you can’t stretch the holidays out by having something in January?  And, if you have any other creative ideas for team celebrations, please share!