Kindness Day

Shawnee Love   •  
February 22, 2017

Today happens to be anti-bullying day, a day of pink shirts and discussions in classrooms, workplaces, and the media about how to correct and prevent bullying behavior.

A big part of correction and prevention is in increasing awareness about

  • The existence of bullying,
  • Bullying’s many faces and behaviours, and
  • How to be part of the solution.

Bullying exists.  Few people would argue that and those that do may be the ones doing the bullying.  Bullying can be done verbally, physically, and online and includes behaviours such as gossiping, spreading rumours, mimicking, shaming, blaming, and excluding.

For our part in raising awareness and eliminating bullying, I want to use today’s blog to shelephant and dog sit under the rainare a rule I am teaching my children about speaking with others.  I simply ask them if what they are going to say is:

  • True,
  • Helpful, and
  • Kind?

The rule is: If it isn’t those 3 things, don’t say it (or figure out how to say it in a way that fits the bill).   If it is those three things, speak away.

As we become more mature, we can handle the more complex version of this communication rule which is:

  • True
  • Helpful
  • Insightful (also inspiring but I find that one doesn’t connect with a lot of people)
  • Necessary
  • Kind

THINK is a better acronym, but you have to start somewhere and 3 simple qualities (true, helpful and kind) are easy to remember and use.

So today, on #pinkshirtday, we hope you get out there as part of the anti-bullying solution.

Speak the truth.  Do it to help. Be kind.


For more information and resources on bullying, check out or your local occupational health and safety agency.  Please also comment if you have other resources or true, helpful and kind ways to reduce bullying.