HR for Startups

Shawnee Love   •  
November 17, 2017

Few people think they need HR advice when they are starting their business.  They have way bigger fish to fry not the least of which is getting operating, selling, and producing the goods or delivering the services customers want.

Being very practical myself, I agree that entrepreneurs need to focus on getting their business off the ground.  If they aren’t planning on hiring people for awhile (or have “hired” friends and family to get started), HR is not their biggest need.

At the same time, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there are definitely a few key things that an HR expert can offer to an entrepreneur which could prevent headaches and surprise costs in the upcoming years.

If you are a startup founder, HR might help you with:Successful startup rocket

  • Your business strategy and associated HR strategy (including staffing, compensation, training, and performance management),
  • Advice regarding structure and mapping job responsibilities (particularly if there are multiple founders),
  • A culture manifesto as well as clarity on the behaviours which align and contradict the culture,
  • Information on the pros and cons of hiring employees versus contractors and a recommendation which fits your needs, and
  • Development of your leadership skills (before you really need them).

When it comes to starting a business, getting great HR advice early on means you can reduce or avoid the pain most start ups face at 15 and 30 people.  With LoveHR, the first consultation is complementary, so you get free advice and the opportunity to assess how we might be able to help you and your start up business without any pressure.