Difficult Conversations Summary

Shawnee Love   •   December 18, 2019

Over the last couple months, we have been working on a blog series with tips and best practices associated with having difficult conversations with employees.  We covered the topics of:

Key takeaways on all of these conversations are:

  1. You can pre-empt problems by setting and clearly communicating policies and expectations and consistently holding people accountable for meeting them.
  2.  The more positive the relationship you have, the more likely the individual will be to assume you have his or her best interests at heart and are trying to help.
  3. All conversations should be done privately and respectfully.
  4. Remember to listen before telling.
  5. Even when the time to tell has arrived, ensure your telling of the rules, standards and expectations is grounded in the why. E.g., why it is important to behave that way or meet that standard.
  6. It’s okay to reset your expectations. Sometimes we learn something we didn’t already know that changes everything.

We hope you enjoyed this blog series.  This is the last of our 2019 blogs, and we are planning our blogs for 2020, so if you have a topic or request, please comment!

Wishing you prosperity, health, and happiness!