5 Things You Can Do

Shawnee Love   •  March 17, 2020

We all need to feel a little better right now, so here are some suggestions for what can help:

  1. Buy Local. And if your local store doesn’t have it, buy Canadian.  Buying from Amazon and Walmart doesn’t keep the money in your community.  And we need to keep money in our communities for when we come through the other side of this virus.
  2. Give Back. Whether time, advice, grocery shopping, home cooked meal, etc. Giving back helps people feel better about themselves, their work, and the world in general because it does so much good.
  3. Control what you Can. Reduce unnecessary expenses.  Clean, scrub, disinfect, sanitize.  Cook a meal and have your family sit and eat together.  Pick up the instrument you haven’t practiced in awhile. Read a book which has been staring at you.
  4. Be Grateful. Currently (as of time of writing), only 424 people in Canada are known to have the virus and an additional 16 may have. Presumably, none of these people are you or your family members. This too shall pass.
  5. Stay Connected. Whether introvert or extrovert, healthy relationships are absolutely necessary for life as a human, we just do them differently. This time of social distancing and self quarantine is more suited to our introverted friends than for those of us who are extroverts, but there’s nothing wrong with learning how to stay engaged differently.  Pick up the phone (leave a message if they don’t answer). Facetime.  Meet one on one for walks or hikes outside… Bonus points if you go in the forest.

On the note of staying connected, we have introduced a daily check-in where we will share the latest information for employers interested in what is happening and the options available for dealing with this extremely fluid situation.  If you are interested in signing up, please email info@lovehr.ca.

Stay positive and hang in there.  We are doing the right things to protect ourselves, our businesses and our people.