This Too Shall Pass

Shawnee Love   •   December 4, 2020

This too shall pass.

As a leader of people, you have to believe that. If you don’t, you are in the wrong job.

I love this quote from John Lennon:

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Experts agree, the COVID pandemic will “pass”. It will one day (even though impossible to see it now), be in the rear view mirror. A memory.

Because the pandemic will pass:

  • Take the time now to anticipate the future, to construct your plan and to do what you can to be ready. Make your plans, do the upgrades (technically and personally), clean your house.
  • Be grateful. It hasn’t been all bad. Some good has come from the pandemic. Since March, we have spent less time in time wasting meetings, business travel or commuting to and from work. You might also have spent more time with your family and friends (even if over video conference).
  • Keep cheering on your team. Communication during challenging times is critical. Be authentic and empathetic- these are uncertain and sometimes scary times and its okay (even good) to say that, but its also important to share your confidence in the future. Tell people where the organization is going and how you will get there together. Celebrate the wins along the way as well. Doing so, inspires people and gives them faith.

Now isn’t easy for sure, but we will get through it! It is important for leaders to ensure their people know that too.