Goals for Life

Shawnee Love   •   February 5, 2021

I was talking to my son the other day about goal setting because he was reflecting that since the beginning of Covid, his fitness has gone down. He was disappointed and expressing frustration.

I gave him the same advice I give clients which is

You have to figure out what you want to achieve (or be) and then you have to take the steps to get there.

I went on to explain that achievements don’t just happen. You get there by taking steps towards the desired outcome each and every day.  This is a long-term investment (whether focused on personal health and wellness or business improvements).

To my son, I asked what small steps he could take each day in order to be ready for soccer starting back up?

I ask you the same:

What small steps you can take today so you are where you want to be at the end of this month or year?

The last piece of this simple goal setting process is to identify what you need or what is holding you back from getting there. With personal health goals, it might be gym equipment or a buddy to go with. In business goals, it might be new tools or systems or clarification regarding what really is a priority. When you know what you need to do, you can focus on those next steps.

Overnight successes and magic pills are not going to get your organization (or your person) to the destination you are seeking. Instead, it takes purposeful actions day by day. For life, or at least the life of your business plan.