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Clients who want ready made solutions will be interested in our service packages which provide comprehensive human resources tools, services, and training.  When purchasing our package, you get HR advice and expertise delivered on the schedule you set all for a unified price which beats buying each item ad hoc. These packages deliver the fundamental HR elements which growing organizations need to achieve their objectives.  Our service packages meet the core HR needs of any professional business, while offering customization to ensure the tools suit each client.  Certain tools and solutions if delivered together will create better results and our packages ensure economies of scale.

HR Essentials

  • Employee Handbook

  • Job Descriptions

  • Letter of Offer Template

  • Orientation Checklist Guide

  • Goal Setting Model

  • Exit Interview Template

Pursuit of Talent

  • Recruitment Checklist

  • Best Practice Guide

  • Sample Job Posting

  • Interview Questions

  • Candidate Comparison Template

  • Recruiting Best Practice Training Session

Enhanced Performance

  • Performance Management Guide

  • Performance Review Template

  • Performance Management Best Practices Training Session

Cultivating Leadership

  • Monthly One-On-One Coaching

  • Quarterly Solutions Meetings

  • Staff Lunch & Learn

  • Teambuilding/Training Session

Ethics & Integrity

  • Confidential Reporting Service

  • Supports Reporting Suspected Unethical, Unprofessional, Illegal or Fraudulent Activity

  • Provides Timely Follow-ups & Detailed Record of Reports

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