Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, members of our audience, and visitors to our website is of critical importance to Love HR Inc. (LoveHR). We value and respect our clients, audience, and visitors and strive to ensure an excellent relationship.

We believe clear communication fosters the trust and understanding required for strong relations, and our Privacy Policy is laid out to explain how we collect, use, store and destroy information.


LoveHR collects information about visitors and audience members when they complete forms on our website, register for our newsletter or a seminar, participate in a discussion, survey or evaluation, interact with us via social media, and/or contact us directly.

We track this information to measure interest in the areas of our site and our service offerings as well as gain understanding of how to improve our portfolio and website to more closely meet the needs of our visitors, audience and potential and current clients.

We take reasonable precautions to keep this information safe and secure with physical and electronic security measures. Information on visitors and audience members which has not been used within a 12 month period is purged and destroyed.

LoveHR also collects information about clients in order to effectively and efficiently provide service to clients. This information is collected with the client’s permission and understanding of the specific uses to which this information will be put.

We take reasonable precautions to keep all client information safe and secure with physical and electronic security measures. We purge and destroy client information after seven years without use.

We will never disclose any information to third parties unless we have informed the visitor, audience member or client and have been authorized by the affected party to do so, or we are required by law.

We will send out newsletters which we hope will provide useful information on topics of interest. Visitors, audience members and clients may subscribe to this newsletter and unsubscribe at their convenience by emailing

LoveHR’s website contains links to other websites and resources, which we believe will be of interest to our visitors. Although we make every effort to keep these links and resources updated, we are not responsible for the security, privacy practices or content of those sites.

Anyone with questions about our Privacy Policy or LoveHR’s information practices, may contact our Privacy Expert by emailing

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