HR Services and Solutions

On your schedule and within your budget.

LoveHR’s services have been designed with the busy owner / manager in mind. You need questions answered, problems solved and improvements executed, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

We offer flexibility to ensure you get what and how much help you need. From behind the scenes advice, strategic fractional HR leadership, and a personal sounding board to front line coaching of managers, recommending improvements to your HR and people practices, training a team in management skills, or creating and implementing the systems, processes, tools and programs your organization needs, we provide what you need when you need it for a price that fits your budget.

Our service promise ensures you are as much a part of the process as you want to be. We start by listening very carefully to ensure we understand what you are trying to accomplish. We partner with you to deliver what you want, and we ensure you are satisfied with the results.

We get your business, because we have walked in your shoes.

Our Expertise


Strategic HR Planning
Many owners appreciate the value of a business plan. We help bring that plan to life with our strategic HR plans which identify the necessary people, systems, and culture to achieve your business goals. 5 decades of experience across industries means we have the depth and breadth of business and HR experience to deliver high impact solutions which complement your organization and align with your overall business objectives.

Change Management
Change is difficult for people whether due to growth, acquisition, downsizing, divestiture, or simply a need to do things differently. Hiring LoveHR to help plan and implement the change means you get back up to speed faster.

Succession Planning
LoveHR also consults with owners regarding building bench strength to meet the organization’s future needs and how to delegate themselves out of the day to day.

Recruiting is the start of the employment relationship, and good hires make for easy management, so getting the right people are critical. At LoveHR, we help clients recruit in a variety of ways:

  • We’ll do the sourcing and screening for you,
  • We’ll build a recruitment process and tools customized for your business and teach you how to use them,
  • We’ll evaluate your company’s candidate experience from employment brand to culture and help you implement changes to attract the talent you need.

Orienting & Onboarding
When starting a new job, most people experience the contradictory emotions of excitement and fear. LoveHR knows what new hires need and want to successfully assimilate into their new job with your organization. We create templates and can train your employees how to successfully integrate new hires.

Total Rewards
Total Rewards is a combination of compensation, benefits and perks which you offer to employees in exchange for their work and contributions. Get these wrong and you won’t attract or keep good employees. Get these right and you can enhance employee motivation and retain your top people. We help clients evaluate their current rewards programs as well as build, implement and communicate fair and competitive rewards programs to achieve desired results.

Everyone likes to be appreciated but few of us do it well. LoveHR has more than 30 years of experience coaching managers and business leaders on how to recognize effectively. We also build recognition and reward programs which elicit desired employee behaviours.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. ~Warren Buffet

Goal Setting
Employees need to know what is expected of them for them to do it. LoveHR has a track record of coaching managers in effective goal setting and holding people accountable for their objectives.

if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there ~Lewis Carroll

Performance Management
To perform well, employees need to have the capability, resources and motivation to achieve your expectations, and they need to know what your expectations are.

With a full toolkit of tactics and strategies to help managers get the most from their employees. LoveHR has a track record of coaching managers in effective goal setting and holding people accountable for their objectives. Use LoveHR as a sounding board, for advice on what to do next, to recommend the best approach for your business going forward, and your “google” for HR rules, best practices, and minimum standards across Canada.

LoveHR draws on diverse experience to coach, educate, and provide practical responses to employment issues and is an expert in building employee handbooks which get used by employees and management and people policies which work.

LoveHR can help your company create an environment that attracts and retains great employees. We work with clients to build teams, harmonize cultures, investigate complaints, and/or mediate conflicts. We also conduct surveys which help clients understand and improve their retention and employee engagement.

Training & Development
LoveHR has a variety of training programs which can be customized or delivered as is:

  • The 5 HR Tools Every Growing Business Needs
  • Successful Recruitment
  • Driving Performance for Managers
  • Retention Practices for Today’s Workplaces
  • Conflict Resolution and the Respectful Workplace
  • Culture Building/ Teambuilding
  • Delegation & Group Decision Making
  • Psychologically Healthy & Safe Workplaces
  • Be Your Best: Professionalism in Today’s Workplace

We are also pleased to offer a variety of tools designed to assist with personal and professional development including personality profilers and interpersonal skill evaluators and have had great success working within our client organizations to assess current skills, knowledge and abilities and develop training plans for individual employees.

Employee Coaching

There are times when an employee would benefit from coaching or support from someone who isn’t their boss.  Helping people understand their career choices, identify and take action on blind spots and skill gaps, resolve disputes, or approach a sensitive situation are just some of the topics which a skilled HR professional can guide employees through confidentially while balancing the interests of the organization and the employee.  In this space, LoveHR can also assist managers with coaching employees back to performance standards and improving workplace conduct.

Objective Third Party

As an objective third party, LoveHR services include:

  • Acting as the first point of contact for complaints (i.e., your company ombudsperson), and
  • Conducting investigations quickly and confidentially,

When a complaint arises or an incident occurs, calling LoveHR ensures your employment issue will be addressed allowing your team to continue focusing on their work.  Our goal of helping make businesses successful means we approach our efforts in a non-confrontational and solutions-oriented fashion.  This approach has been successful in helping organizations improve, employees navigate conflict, understand and abide by policies, and learn how to interact positively and productively.

Exit Interviews

A soon to be exiting employee is often a wealth of knowledge about to walk out the door.  Doing exit interviews gains feedback which can be translated into recommendations for improvements which will enhance an organization’s ability to retain great people. Because exiting employees might not want to give the whole story to their boss.  Leveraging LoveHR to conduct exit interviews and report on the recommendations is a strategic, long term approach towards enhancing your Employee Experience.

Labour Relations

A proactive and strategic approach to Labour Relations can help mitigate risk and provide significant cost savings for an organization. LoveHR brings frontline, hands on  Labour Relations experience applied practically and sensibly to promote both business success and a healthy, productive culture . With experience in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors, we are able to support our clients in a variety of ways:

  • Interpretation of Collective Agreements tied to relational policies, procedures, Federal and Provincial legislation,
  • Advisory services in conflict resolution, discipline and grievance progression,
  • Support and preparation within the arbitration process,
  • Collective Agreement negotiation preparation and support.

The LoveHR Process

The Process

At LoveHR, we add value by finding out where you are going, and then partnering with you to help you get there. You may need an extra pair of hands, advice, a simple fix or a comprehensive program, and in all cases, we start by finding out more about you and your business. We ask questions to help us understand your business, so we can deliver the services and solutions that you will be happy with.


After gathering information, we prepare a road map for the project for you to review and approve. Once approved, it is our guide for going forward and we don’t make changes without your involvement.


We will stay in touch with you during the entire process and offer you plenty of opportunities to comment, critique and question, so that when we get to the end, you are happy with the destination, and how we got there.


Additionally, if you want to build your in-house capacity, we will transfer our knowledge and skills through training and documentation that outlines the specific actions taken throughout the project. If you simply want the problem to go away, we can do that too and you can rest assured that your people are in good hands. In fact, you’ll see it in the results.

Although the actual steps may differ depending upon your requirements, you can rely on:

  • Quality service and solutions that are grounded in business theory and work in the real world,
  • Quick responses and regular communication,
  • Integrity, and
  • A sense of humour and fun. Because HR isn’t brain surgery after all.

Shawnee is very knowledgeable. She made it very easy for me to focus on running my business because I knew she was handling all the HR problems for me.

Working with LoveHR was “Very Easy.  Like giving a shoe box of receipts to your accountant and getting organized results plus options.”

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ms. Love for 15 years, and have experienced first hand the quality, brilliance and breadth of knowledge/skills she brings to her HR work.

We do the Right Things Right at LoveHR.

Our clients only pay when they need HR help, and they have practical solutions and advice which saves them time and money and gives them peace of mind.

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