Identifying Office Politics

Shawnee Love   •  
October 19, 2012

Last blog, we discussed what office politics is and now it is time to look at the manifestations of office politics in the workplace.

Actions of an employee perpetrating office politics include:

  • Spreading lies and rumours intended to malign, embarrass and/or humiliate another person,
  • Gossiping particularly about an isolated group or individual,
  • Backstabbing comments that undermine and/or discredit a colleague,
  • Self promotion at the expense of others,
  • Hiding information or resources,
  • Delaying access to information or resources to others,
  • Manipulating a situation and people by “sharing” false or exaggerated information or leaking confidential or private information,
  • Excluding others or singling individuals out for negative attention, etc.

These are the types of politicking that I have seen the most, but please weigh in if you have any other examples of office politics in action.