5 Steps to Minimizing Anxiety

Shawnee Love   •   August 23, 2018

Challenging times can be difficult for more reasons than meet the eye.

We are working hard at social distancing here in Canada with remote working and simply staying home, but unfortunately those necessary measures can also lead to social isolation and people getting anxious, depressed, and fearful.

When I can feel a bit of anxiety setting in, I go back to the wisdom of Dale Carnegie.  I share it today because it is a tool in my toolkit which has enabled me to focus and work through many problems in the past and I believe the more tools we have as leaders the more we can help those in our sphere of influence.

  1. Ask yourself, “What am I worried about?” Hint: Writing down the answer including any pertinent details is important.
  2. Next ask, “What actions could I take to address that worry?” Make sure you find more than one option.  Three to five is ideal and if you are stuck, call a friend or colleague for their insight.
  3. Review the options, pick the best one(s) and take action. Get it done.
  4. Once you have taken your action, if worry still happens, think about the worst case scenario. Come to terms with it being possible and ask yourself, “What can you do to improve the outcome?”
  5. Take actions on the things you can do each and every day. Each morning ask yourself, “What you can do to take care of today?” and do it.  Repeat daily and keep on going.

Remember, we are all in this together and this too shall pass.  Anxiety steals from the present, because we worry about things that may not ever happen. Dale Carnegie’s method gives us a sense of purpose and a focus on what we can do.  We hope it helps.

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