Hang in There

Shawnee Love   •   January 26, 2022

It might be just me, but I have noticed a recent uptick in people’s emotions. Things that would normally  roll off the back seem to be tweaking. People seem more tired, more raw, just more.

I suspect at least some of this emotional energy is because the world around us continues to be unpredictable (pandemic, geopolitical instability, economic inflation, people and supply shortages) and people are tired.

Covid Fatigue, Change Fatigue, Burnout…

Call it what you want, the feelings are real and I doubt I am the only one noticing that emotional reactivity is on the rise.

Unfortunately, for most of us, there isn’t an escape or finish line in sight… there are just too many people relying on us to lead, ship, deliver, create, etc.

Times are tough and thus the tough are expected to keep going.

Saying that, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

So, if you are feeling the weight of what is happening around you and to those you care about and lead, it might be time to recharge yourself.

4 tips for refilling your own cup are:

  • Know your priorities and align your time and energy (and money) on them.
  • Set clear boundaries for all things but especially for lower priorities which can take up more than their share of time and energy.
  • Behave in and promote ways to reduce stress. Disconnect, go to bed earlier, get outside, get a massage, spend time watching a funny show with family, etc.
  • Practice and support self-awareness regarding your health. Take the time to do your own daily health check, follow up on overdue medical or dental appointments, and be honest about how you are doing and get help as needed.

As a leader, prioritizing your own wellness makes it okay for those around you to do so as well. We aren’t through this storm, and we need to be investing in our personal and organizational resiliency to ensure we can meet the challenges to come. If you want more tips for building resiliency in yourself and your teams, we offer seminars and direct coaching and are here to help.