6 Benefits of Performance Reviews

Shawnee Love   •  
August 14, 2012

Good leaders and managers know that employees want feedback.  Here are the benefits that leaders and managers get out of the Performance Review Process:

  • Focused employees- Employees learn what to achieve and how to accomplish it and thus don’t waste time wondering, wallowing, and worrying.
  • Better relationships with their employees because these regular conversations help them get to know each other and build trust.
  • Reduced uncertainty and fear for employees because regular reviews means they know what to expect.
  • Efficient use of time (regular short meetings are less time consuming than one long meeting).
  • Reduced bias in performance assessment because they are discussing recent events, not stuff that happened 11.5 months ago.
  • Timely calibrations in performance therefore less wasted time and errors from employees.

There is no doubt about it, regular solutions focused discussions and honest, timely constructive feedback improve results and who wouldn’t want that?