What Candidates Want

Shawnee Love   •  
January 18, 2018

As we entered the new year, I had recruiting on my mind, because many of our clients are recruiting.  Part of the assistance we provide to them is advising regarding how to make their job and their company more appealing to candidates.  Although every candidate is different, it is our experience that there are some desirable qualities in companies which most candidates would agree on.

  1. Stability:  Even the job hoppers want to know your company and the job isn’t going anywhere soon.  Takeaway: Promote your history serving customers, length of time in the marketplace, and the fact that the job is due to company success and growth.
  2. Money: People want to know they will be paid on time and fairly for their time.  Nobody ever thinks they should be paid less, but the worse the job, company, boss and/or colleagues are, the more they want to be paid.  Takeaway: Advertise your rate of pay if you know you pay well, as well as those other rewards you offer (benefits, vacation, etc.)
  3. Reputation:  Companies known to be good places to work are definitely more interesting to applicants.  Takeaway: Manage your story on social media, google your company every now and then to see what people are saying, and address complaints raised in a timely fashion.
  4. Environment: When a candidate walks in to your workplace they experience it. How it smells, the brightness, cleanliness, clutter, organization, and repair.  Most people want to work in a place that looks and feels well cared for.  Takeaway:  Turn a spotlight on your work environment and look for opportunities to spruce it up. Ask your employees what they think needs improving.
  5. Transparency: Candidates really want to ask for the good, the bad and the ugly and be confident you will tell the truth. It is my recommendation you tell them, because they will figure it out as soon as they start anyway and those who feel the promises didn’t match reality often quit in short order.  Takeaway:  Be truthful in the hiring process.  You can go so far as to try to scare people off with the difficult parts of the job and company. People who are a good fit will be up for the challenge, and those who aren’t up for it, aren’t a good fit anyway.

Counting hands

Candidates, please weigh in and let employers know what else you look for in a company.

Employers, in our future blogs we will share what we have learned about employees wants from the companies and managers they work for.