What Makes a Great Manager

Shawnee Love   •   August 23, 2018

One of our main goals with clients is to create better people managers.  We know people who are well managed tend to do better work, and also tend to enjoy their work more creating a win-win for our clients.

Although the personal preferences of the people being managed means individuals may differ in their opinions on what makes a good manager, there are some qualities and behaviors which consistently top the charts based on what employees tell us makes a great manager.

In no particular order, Good Managers:

  1. Care: They are truly interested in their employees’ lives and take the time to learn about their personal and work lives and goals,
  2. Communicate: They are excellent communicators. In this context, they have good listening skills, and they also clearly and consistently state their messages (expectations, goals, concerns, etc.) ensuring their employees fully understand. Moreover, they facilitate two-way conversations with owners and employees and share the vision, purpose and goals of the organization such that employees know where the company is going and what their role means in the overall context.
  3. Coach: They help employees see their potential, provide opportunities to improve, and encourage and support employees in achieving their goals.
  4. Recognize: They recognize their employees’ efforts, progress, contributions, and accomplishments and show their appreciation.
  5. Are Accountable: They do what they say they will, and they expect the same from their people.  They follow up and follow through to get things done.  They are clearing obstacles, finding ways to improve, and making things easier, more efficient or better for their team all the time.
  6. Are Role Models: They set an example and are role models of good character and the values of the company. They respect their people.  They represent the company well.
  7. Empower: Good managers trust employees and thus give them the autonomy to do their tasks (once trained).  They are not micromanagers.  They also encourage teamwork and foster a positive work environment for all.

Although not a behaviour or quality, employees also appreciate it when their bosses have solid technical knowledge and skills.  Not only does technical competency give credibility to the boss, but a boss who understands the challenges can be easier to relate with.

There is a free book for the first person who comes up with a good acronym (Yes, I will be the judge of “good”) for our list of how to be a great manager.  Comment below or message me at info@lovehr.ca.