Pot is Legal

Shawnee Love   •   August 23, 2018

You surely know by now that pot is legal in Canada today.

If you haven’t already, its good practice to communicate with your employees about what you expect with respect to marijuana.

The rules you make are up to you (within reason), but if you haven’t already, it is time to tell them the rules and how you will handle infractions.

A simple and relatively generous example is:

“Pot is not permitted onsite any more than alcohol is and employees must arrive at work fit for duty, i.e., not under the influence of any substance which affects their performance.  Infractions will be subject to discipline.”

You can get more detailed and more complicated too, but at least start somewhere.

Things have sure changed in the last few years.  I wonder if we will one day see people sitting around after work on a Friday afternoon smoking a doobie rather than having a beer?

If that does happen, don’t forget to:

  1. Remind employees not to drive impaired.  You risk being held liable if they do.
  2. Enforce the designated smoking area.  People can’t smoke inside at work and must be in a designated smoking section which usually is at least 3 meters away from doors, windows and other air intakes.

And if your employees travel internationally for work, remind them they have to abide by the rules of the country they are going to no matter what our rules say here.

Legalized pot is new for everyone, and we will be sharing when we learn more.  Please comment below to let us know how things go in your workplace.

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