Drinking from a Firehose

Shawnee Love   •   November 20, 2020

Employees of startups often complain they feel like they are drinking from a firehose as things are changing so fast and they are learning so much, they just can’t keep up.

I am hearing this sentiment more and more from organization leaders as things are constantly in flux with COVID. They:

  • Can’t be everything to everyone,
  • Can’t be enough to anyone including themselves or their spouses, or
  • Can’t get projects to the finish line or their whole jobs done.

If you feel like you aren’t “keeping up”, you are not alone. That is the NEW NORMAL (hope it’s okay to borrow a phrase I am heartily sick of).

And you’ve probably noticed, your staff aren’t cutting you any slack either. They are pretty absorbed with their own stresses and struggling to keep their heads above water too.

Unfortunately, not everyone deals well with challenging times and so you may be noticing shorter tempers, hyper-sensitivity, inflexibility and judgmentalism are on the rise as well, in yourself and in your people.

It is easy to be positive when things are going well. Its when stuff gets hard that we see what we are made of.

The way to get through this is to work together, to give people (including yourself) grace and space, and to not give up.

We are here if you need some support as it can be lonely swimming alone.