Be the Employer…

Shawnee Love   •   June 25, 2021

I have been interviewing a lot of young people lately for what will be their first or second jobs.

I am also the proud parent of someone newly embarking upon his first job.

These two experiences caused me to reflect on what kind of employment experience we as parents want for our kids?

I don’t know about you, but I told my son that the first job is a rite of passage. Creating a resume, walking in a door or sending in an email and not receiving a call back is part of the experience, as is the exilaration when that special first manager picks you.

Deciding where to apply is a tough one for these young people. So many mixed messages exist on what to look for.

I told my son, that a first job is about:

  • Learning how to work (showing up on time, following instructions, taking responsibility, doing a good job, getting paid, paying taxes, doing things safely, being part of a team, being prepared, managing your schedule and money, balancing personal and work time, etc.),
  • Gaining knowledge and exposure about new things, people, industries, etc.
  • Building connections and relationships,
  • Discovering what you enjoy (and don’t),
  • Making money (my son added this one), and
  • Having fun.

This wonderful first for a young person is actually a heavy responsibility for employers. You always remember your first.

As the future manager of that young person who is new to the workforce, what kind of firsts do you want to be remembered for?

How are you doing on that front?