One Big Step for Canadian Women at Work

Shawnee Love   •  
October 6, 2016

Wow, it really is 2016!  The RCMP just apologized.  We have been hearing rumours and allegations for years about gender based misconduct in the RCMP including sexist comments, bullying, discrimination, and even assault.  Cases have been investigated and judgments doled out in the past, but I think this lawsuit and apology have broader implications.  In particular:

It isn’t okay for “boys to be boys” at work anymore.  Businessman holding a card reading We Apologise

It also isn’t okay for an employer to refuse to hire, promote or give a raise if someone (almost always a woman) is:

  • Of baby making age,
  • Has kids and might need to be off work to attend meetings with teachers, doctors, etc.
  • Unable to put in “110” (aka be at the beck and call of the boss and stay late anytime without question or “challenges” with childcare).

There is no question that men experience discrimination at work too for things like age, sexual orientation, sexual preference, etc., but let’s face it, it is rarer that a man has to experience rape, sexual touching, or limits to their career simply because they have boobs or might have kids one day.

I think this decision is big. What say you?