5 Steps to Find Talent

Shawnee Love   •   November 16, 2018

Employers should expect candidates to put their best foot forward in an interview, just like someone would on a first date.

However, you probably wouldn’t ask anyone to marry you after one coffee meeting but employers make an offer after one meeting all the time.

In my opinion, finding talent takes time, but in times when job demand exceeds candidate supply, employers can rarely afford to wait and “get to know each other better”.

Hiring managers are making offers knowing full well that everyone puts their best foot forward and few live up to their best versions of themselves.

How to distinguish gold from pretty iron pyrite when recruiting is the million dollar question. Regrettably, I can’t sell you a test that will tell them apart (although we do offer a variety of personality tests which can be fun and useful for teambuilding purposes).  Rather, we build tools for and help you follow a solid process of:

  1. Clearly identifying what you want the person to be able to do (and accomplish).
  2. Figuring out who can do #1.  That is, determining all the necessary aspects for success.
  3. Targeting and attracting those people you unearthed in #2 with your recruitment efforts.
  4. Making it easy for the people you want to apply.
  5. Screening in such a way that those who fit rise to the top.

It is through effective implementation of this process and the systems, tools and environment which support it which will enable you to find the right talent for your organization.

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